Announcing SensOn 2x, SensOn 3x smart radar sensors from Delta Mobile Systems

April 18, 2017 

ELGIN, IL- It is with excitement that Delta Mobile Systems is announcing the SensOn 2x and SensOn 3x smart radar sensors. These products are the same high-performance, smart radar sensors Delta Mobile is known for, but with a new name.

As of today, Delta Mobile’s smart radar sensor product line is to be referred to as SensOn. The SensOn 2x and the SensOn 3x are the latest in smart radar sensors for object detection.

The ability to function in a variety of weather conditions enables the SensOn radar products to be reliable for those in vertical markets, like automotive and transportation, that are subject to harsh environments. Small form factor allows the 2x and 3x to be installed on existing products without compromising vehicle styling. Additionally, the SensOn 2x detects objects at ultra-near- to mid-ranges, while the SensOn 3x provides ultra-near to far-range 2D object detection, meaning, it can record angle of approach and distance of more than one object.

“This product renaming helps Delta Mobile to continue to build on our brand as a high-end and leading edge manufacturer of smart radar sensors,” said Debbie Jones, COO.

Contact the team at (847) 468-1840 to learn more about how the SensOn smart radar sensors can help enhance your products today.

New partnership for Delta Mobile Systems, M2S Tech

February 2, 2017 

ELGIN, IL- Delta Mobile Systems is excited to announce a new partnership with M2S Tech to contribute to the company’s continuing growth and expansion.

Delta Mobile and M2S Tech have forged a new partnership that will benefit the company by expanding its sales and business in the Midwest region. For almost ten years, M2S Tech has been providing electronic manufacturers with advanced technical sales support in the Midwest.

“M2S Tech has a lot of experience, and we expect that this partnership will help Delta Mobile grow even more,” said Boon Meksavan, CEO. “M2S Tech will complement our business development efforts within the industrial and agricultural equipment markets.”

The partnership with M2S Tech is a step towards even more expansion for Delta Mobile. Continuing into the future, the company plans to partner with representatives on the east and west coasts of the United States, as well.


About M2S Tech

M2S Tech was established in July of 2007 by a trio of Freescale Semiconductor sales executives. They have represented some of the most respected semiconductor companies in the world. With over 100 years of employee service in their markets, they provide a deep level of customer engagement which has accelerated customer and supplier success. M2S Tech is extremely excited to bring Delta Mobile’s products to our valued customer base.

Delta Mobile Systems to attend Chicago Boat, RV and Strictly Sail Show

January 9, 2017 

ELGIN, IL- At the Progressive Insurance Chicago Boat, RV and Strictly Sail Show this week, Delta Mobile Systems will be available for private demos of the companies’ latest technology.

Delta Mobile Systems will be attending the Chicago Boat, RV and Strictly Sail Show sponsored by Progressive Insurance at the McCormick Place and demonstrating new smart radar sensor products for those requesting meetings with the team this week, January 11-15.

Specifically, the AR2x and AR3x Smart Radar Sensor Systems are high-performance systems designed to meet needs the RV or boating markets may have. For ultra-near to mid-range object detection, the AR2x is well-suited. Alternatively, the AR3x is programmed for ultra-near to long-range and 2D object detection, which means it can measure the distance and angle of one or more objects.

“Our smart radar sensor systems can work well within the RV and boating industries, in part, because of their small form factor and ability to have semi-customized ranges based on customer needs,” said Debbie Jones, COO.

Specific applications for RVs like blind spot assistance and rear collision warning aid drivers in vehicle operation with advanced object detection. For boaters, smart radar sensors can assist in docking a boat more easily.

If interested in meeting with the Delta Mobile Systems business team and seeing new products and technology, contact 847-468-1840, today, to schedule a time.

Delta Mobile Systems attending CES 2017

December 7, 2016 

ELGIN, IL- Delta Mobile Systems will be returning to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this January to demo new technology.

January 5-8, Delta Mobile Systems will be attending the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show to hold private demos of the latest in the company’s radar and sensor fusion technology. The company is expanding its product line and continues to innovate in the smart sensor industry.

“It is an exciting time for the company as we are preparing to launch new products and technology that will continue to place Delta Mobile as one of the leaders of the smart radar sensor industry,” said Boon Meksavan, CEO.

If you are attending the show and wish to schedule a time to meet with the Delta Mobile Systems business team, please email your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (847) 468-1840.

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