About us

Who Are We?

We Are Delta Mobile Systems

Founded in 2000, Delta Mobile Systems was launched with the vision to create a high quality mobile communication software company.

We were one of the top startup companies in North America to focus on innovative Bluetooth and WiFi accessories including cellular machine to machine mobile communication products. We provided design services and manufactured over 80+ products for consumer electronics and enterprise markets ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Today, we are investing in new sensor fusion technologies and artificial intelligence software applications that will continue to fuel our growth and make us one of the leading companies in these technologies worldwide. As a company, we are passionate and driven to continue creating new technologies and building them into practical products for customers. Our commitment to change and innovation for the growth and sustainability of our company will always set us apart.

Thank you to our employees, customers, partners and investors. We will continue investing in advanced technologies in order to grow our company and expand our global business.


"Our mission is to build differentiated, high quality technology products and services for the world."

- Boon Meksavan, CEO



Our Team

Meet the team members who have built Delta Mobile Systems into what it is today.

Boon Meksavan

CEO and Co-Founder


Debbie Jones

COO and Co-Founder


James Graves

CTO and Co-Founder


Aamir Abbasi

Director of Product Development


Bonnie Derylo

Technical Staff


Dustin Baker

Senior Sales Manager


Joe Shidle

Senior Technical Staff


Tim Moran

Senior Technical Staff


Tom Meksavan

Senior Project Manager