Learn how Delta Mobile products solve problems across multiple markets.

Automotive & Transportation OEM

CHALLENGE:   Large passenger and transit vehicles have big blind spots on the sides and rear that increase the risk of collisions.

SOLUTION:   Delta Mobile’s aiDARS™ 1x integrates the SensOn™ 3x Smart Radar System with up to six advanced high-definition (HD) cameras to provide 360⁰ of vision and intelligent detection of obstacles around a vehicle.

BENEFITS:   aiDARS™ 1x’s real-time assistance helps drivers reduce collisions – especially while changing lanes, turning or reversing. The system alerts drivers with audio-visual cues, providing them with fast, easy-to-understand information to help quickly evaluate a situation and take appropriate actions.

Specialty Vehicle OEM

CHALLENGE: Drivers of large specialty trucks hit buildings, loading bays and other vehicles while backing up and maneuvering around corners, causing significant vehicle and property damage.

SOLUTION: aiDARS™ 1x and SensOn™ 3x provide blind spot assistance and obstacle detection for specialty vehicles through vision and radar systems. The systems are scalable and can be semi-customized to meet the unique use case conditions and requirements for specialty vehicles of different sizes.

BENEFITS: Increased, reliable monitoring of blind spots and alerting drivers of their surroundings help reduce potential accidents on the job site.

Off-road Vehicle OEM

CHALLENGE:   Off-road vehicle operators are required to navigate difficult terrain and often encounter obstacles around the vehicle. This can be especially problematic when backing up and risks serious vehicle damage.

SOLUTION:   Delta Mobile’s aiDARS™ 1x system supports up to six HD cameras and up to fourteen smart radar sensors that provide operators with 360⁰ of vision around the vehicle. The system can be configured to meet specific use case needs for different off-road vehicles.

BENEFITS:   Intelligent object detection allows operators to navigate more efficiently while avoiding obstacles and reducing the risk of collisions.

Ground Service Equipment OEM

CHALLENGE:   GSE operators are in a fast-moving service environment, which causes difficulties to judge the distance between their GSE vehicles and aircraft. This challenge can result in serious collisions, flight delays, and significant costs.

SOLUTION:   Delta Mobile’s SensOn™ 3x Smart Radar Sensor System features ultra-short to mid-range object detection. When installed, the SensOn™ 3x provides intuitive driver assistance by activating yellow alerts when drivers approach an airplane and activating red alerts if they get within inches.

The SensOn™ 3x reliably detects objects in challenging environmental conditions, such as heavy rain, snow, ice, fog, dust, under de-icing fluid and in extreme temperatures, making it suitable for use in harsh conditions on the runway.

BENEFITS:   Reducing major collisions helps improve vehicle uptime on the tarmac, decreases operational costs, and increases overall efficiency of an airline.