aiDARS™ 1x
Active 360° Surround View System

aiDARS™ 1x is a scalable active monitoring system that fuses radar and HD camera technologies together to deliver 360° of vision and multiple object detection around a vehicle. Each system is capable of supporting up to 14 radar sensors and up to 6 HD cameras.

The system uses intelligent sensor fusion to assist large vehicles in the transportation, industrial, construction, aviation and agricultural industries with several applications, including:

  • Blind Spot Assistance
  • Cross Traffic Warnings
  • Forward/Rear Collision Warnings
  • Docking Assistance
  • Proximity Detection and Alerts
  • Pedestrian Detection

aiDARS™ 1x

For illustration purposes only. May not represent actual detection area.

System Features

Ultra-Near to Mid-Range Detection

aiDARS™ 1x uses smart radar sensors to detect multiple objects from inches up to 200 feet.

HD Vision

aiDARS™ 1x combines footage from multiple HD cameras into a crystal-clear display of a vehicle’s surroundings.

Small Form Factor

With radar sensors < 2 sq. inches, aiDARS™ 1x
can be installed on most vehicles without compromising style.

Scalable System

Each aiDARS™ 1x system can be equipped with up to   14 smart radar sensors + 6 HD cameras.

Flexible Applications

aiDARS™ 1x can be configured for multiple motorized vehicles including specialty vehicles, trucks and more.

For illustration purposes only. May not represent actual detection area.

aiDARS™ 1x – System Demo

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