Scalable Sensor Fusion Systems

Our advanced systems can be scaled and semi-customized
to meet the needs of large to small-size vehicles and autonomous machines.

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Delta Mobile Systems combines intelligent radar sensors and seamless HD vision to offer scalable ADAS solutions across industries.

Pedestrian Detection Corner Blindspot Scalable System Blind Spot Detection Smart Reverse Assistance

Pedestrian Detection

The fusion system can assists drivers with detecting obstacles and identify pedestrians for a safer experience.

Corner Blindspot

aiDARS™ 1x uses its sensor fusion system to seamlessly cover zones at the corners that are commonly found on other surround view systems.

Scalable System

Each aiDARS™ 1x system can be equipped with up to 14 smart radar sensors + 6 HD cameras.

Blind Spot Detection

SensOn™ 3x is an active radar monitoring system that uses 2D detection to measure the angle and proximity of multiple objects at once.

Smart Reverse Assistance

aiDARS™ 1r is an intelligent sensor fusion system that assists drivers with detecting obstacles and monitoring their surroundings while backing up a vehicle.

aiDARS™ 1x system uses a unique algorithm to offer 360° of vision around a vehicle while minimizing visual distortion and corner blindzones.