Delta Mobile Systems offers a range of features on our advanced driver assistance systems that can be semi-customized and scaled to meet the needs of vehicles of different sizes across vertical markets. Key features include but are not limited to Active 360° Surround View, Blind Zone Detection, Intelligent Reverse Assistance, and more.

Active 360° Surround View

Our aiDARS 1x sensor fusion system combines up to 14 radar sensors and up to 6 HD cameras to give drivers a complete view around the vehicle.

          The aiDARS 1x can select from multiple camera angles, including a bird’s-eye view of the vehicle, using our most advanced system to date. 

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Ultra-Near Radar Technology

Our patented ultra-near radar technology detects objects within inches in order to help drivers navigate through small spaces. Our active reverse assistance system features audio and visual alerts to help keep drivers alert and informed. 

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Blind Zone Detection

Our radar systems offer blind zone detection to help provide drivers a more complete view of the road. Each system supports up to 12 radar sensors and is scalable to meet the needs of most large and mid-sized vehicles. 

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Intelligent Reverse Assistance

Our reverse assistance systems combine our patented ultra-near radar with HD camera imagery to help reduce the risk of collisions when reversing a vehicle. 

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Forward Collision Warning

Our forward collision warning system uses near and mid-range radar to alert drivers when approaching obstructions. Our system includes low object detection to identify hazards that are difficult to see around large vehicles. 

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Corner Detection

Our semi-customizable sensor placement and scalability allows us to incorporate corner detection to identify objects, vehicles, and pedestrians that may be obstructed by support pillars and side mirrors. 

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