Delta Mobile Systems to Launch 4D Imaging Radar in 2021

October 2020

Elgin, IL – Delta Mobile Systems’ new 4D Imaging Radar system is expected to launch late next year. The new system will offer improved performance over the current generation of radar imaging systems and allow for higher levels of automation in the future.

This new technology comes at a time of increased awareness for advanced driver assistance systems. Boon Meksavan, co-founder and CEO of Delta Mobile Systems, anticipates an increased demand for advanced imaging radar as more consumers become aware of the benefits of ADAS technology. 

“When talking to our customers, we see the demand for 4D imaging radar across vertical markets growing annually. Our customers want to start to incorporate higher level ADAS features – they want to reach level 2 and level 3 automation and that requires 4D imaging radar.”

The new 4D Imaging Radar System will come standard on future generations of DMS products and will allow for up to Level 3 vehicle automation. Using the system, vehicles could be able to automatically control multiple driving tasks at once with little driver input in certain situations*. Automated features are expected to include steering, acceleration, and braking.


*Level 3 automation allows for hands-off driving under ideal conditions. Vehicles are subject to limitations and drivers must be prepared to intervene.